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24th March, 2022

As I sit here isolating and recovering from Covid, working on this new Christian Jobs website, I remember how it all started. 

I had just been made redundant from my marketing manager role due to the covid downturn in late 2020 and I was helping a Christian business owner with some digital marketing. 

Christian DirectoryI was not sure what direction to head into career-wise. I was contemplating buying my old web design business back, or starting a new one. I was looking through my portfolio of websites and reflecting on the times when I felt most effective. What I realised was that I enjoy working with small business owners. I enjoy helping people who are starting out or who are struggling to gain traction. That’s when I decided to create an Australian business directory for Christian business owners. I realised that it was a small niche, but it was a niche that excited me.

I began researching business names and domain names. I knew that I wanted the domain name but someone else already owned it. I reached out to the owner via Linkedin, and made an offer to purchase the domain name. But by God’s grace, the timing was right and the owner’s wife agreed to generously give me the domain name for free, because her husband had recently passed and she had no use for the domain name. Read more about the former owner here.

I wanted the directory to be something that would help the Australian Christian business community and I also wanted it to be something that could help me to provide for my family.

So I created a free listing option and paid listing options for the directory. To this day, the majority of the listings are free, but it has been rewarding in so many other ways. I am enjoying connecting with Christian artists, musicians, business people, authors and start-ups from all over Australia. Developing the site has forced me to hone my web design skills, and explore other platforms and technologies. It has helped me get to a point where I was able to decide to design and build a new Christian Jobs website (the one you are looking at right now) 🙂

I’ll keep working on improving both of these websites and helping to support the Australian Christian community that use them. If you have any suggestions regarding how I can improve this Local Christian Jobs website or the Local Christian Business Directory site, please get in touch via the contact page.


Heath Sikkema

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