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Benefits of Faith in the Workplace

Benefits of Christian Workplace

Benefits of Faith in the Workplace Incorporating your Christian faith into the workplace brings purpose, ethical grounding, and the opportunity to make a positive impact. With diverse Christian jobs available in Australia for social services, education, healthcare, ministry, non-profit organisations, media, business, and more, individuals can find careers that align with their beliefs and values. […]

Careers with Eternal Impact

careers with eternal impact

As Christians, we might have multiple causes that we care about – animal cruelty, the environment or social injustice, but the salvation of those around us should be at the top of that list

What Happened to the Christian Referdex?


Many of us can remember the Christian Referdex Magazine that was popular in Christian Churches through Australia in the 80’s and 90’s. But where is it today?

Paid Evangelism Opportunities?

Evangelist Jobs

There is a real need for local evangelists here in Australia. Churches pay to send missionaries out. Are any Churches paying to support local evangelists? Below is a documented concept for local evangelists to gain financial support within Australia.

Personality Types and Church Jobs

Australian Church Job Characteristics

If you’re at a transition point in your ministry or perhaps just getting started looking for a church position, it can be helpful to take a look at your personality type and natural “wiring.”

What is a “Church Job”?

Church Jobs

We thought that it would be worth clarifying what a “Church Role” or “Church Job” is, because we are offering Free listings to Churches, for Church roles. A Church job can be any job where the

Career Options After Ministry

Leaving Ministry Career Options

Below is a list of potential career options for Pastors and Ministry Workers who want to leave ministry and move into the corporate world. Thera re multiple options, based upon their skillsets, experience, qualifications and connections.

7 Unconventional Ways To Find Employment

How to find a job

Finding a job can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but conventional methods such as submitting resumes and cover letters, and attending job fairs and networking events, may not always be effective. Here are 7 unconventional ways to find employment that can help you stand out from the crowd

3 Things to Expect from Volunteers

Volunteer recruitment advice

Volunteers are the backbone of so many not-for-profit organisations and ministries all over Australia. But volunteers can come with their own, unique set of issues.