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Many of us can remember the Christian Referdex Magazine that was popular in Christian Churches through Australia in the 80's and 90's. But where is it today?

Founded in 1978, The Christian Referdex Business Directory/Magazine was the go-to place for Australian Christians to find trusted, reputable businesses within the Christian community. For years, James Collins, of the Christian Resource Trust (although not the original founder), faithfully worked within the Australian business community, building the Referdex directory database and distributing the printed hard copy business directories. Sadly, late in 2020, James Collins died, after a battle with cancer. Early in 2021, James’ wife, Jayne kindly passed the Christian Referdex domain name over to Heath at Local Christian Business Directory, so that he could establish the directory as an online resource. 

Since that time, Heath has worked at building an effective, online directory for Christians to find trusted, local Christian-owned businesses and services within Australia.

There isn’t a hard copy, paper magazine that is currently being printed and distributed, but the online directory has both free listing options and paid listing options available. 

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