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What is a “Church Job”?

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We thought that it would be worth clarifying what a “Church Job” or “Church Role” is, because we are offering Free listings to Churches, for Church roles. A Church job can be any job where the employee or volunteer reports directly to a Church. Churches employ people in a broad range of services, not just pastors.

As far as our free offer goes, the title of the position is not a defining factor, but the employer is.

If the employer is officially a Church, then any of the below roles can be advertised for free on this website by a Church:

  • Pastor, Minister
  • Ministry Intern
  • Youth Pastor, Youth Leader
  • Ministry Coordinators
  • Church Cafe Workers
  • Church Gardeners
  • Church Cleaners
  • Church Maintenance Staff
  • Church Handyman / Handywoman
  • Church Secretary
  • Pastor’s PA / Personal Assistant
  • Children’s Ministry Team
  • Church Counsellor 
  • Church Accountant
  • Church Volunteers
  • And many others!

If a registered Church is looking to recruit staff or a worker and the Church will be paying the wages or salary for that worker, the Church is welcome to list that position for Free on this website. If in doubt, please reach out to us.

What a Church Role is not:
It is pretty common for most Christians to attend a Church, but our free offer does not apply to every role that a Christian business owner lists, just because they attend a Church. 

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