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There are doctors and nurses who have lost jobs because despite putting their lives on the line to help covid patients for the first 18-months of the covid pandemic without a vaccine, who have since been medically blackmailed and forced out of their jobs. Whether or not you agree with their decision to not be vaccinated, most of us are recognising that the government is overstepping the freedoms of Australians.

Australian businesses have been severely impacted by the Covid downturn and by many government regulations that have locked them down, closed them down, or forced them out of careers and businesses.

The government is making it illegal to employ workers who value their medical freedom and their right to say no to a vaccine that they have doubts about. Whether our belief or conviction is that the riskier health option is to be vaccinated or unvaccinated, we should be allowed to decide on which drugs we put into our bodies and the government should not be allowed to stop hard-working Australians from earning a living and providing for their families.

During hard times, there are often incredible stories of the entrepreneurial, fighting human spirit and of God’s provision leading to great things in the midst and wake of trouble and persecution. What incredible and creative new industries and businesses will be born out of these post-covid times?

Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated are contagious if they contract covid, so if you believe the vaccine to be effective and safe, take it with a clear conscience. If you believe it to be unsafe or ineffective and prefer to rely on treatments that you believe to be more effective and safe, then do that with a clear conscience.

As Christians, let us not fuel the division that the mandates are causing. Let us stand united as believers, with a common goal to grow God’s kingdom and to not discriminate or cause division.

Let’s pray that out of this time, Australians will adapt and unite to support one another and that new industries, businesses, opportunities, platforms and apps will be birthed to provide many much-needed products and services, regardless of their medical status or beliefs.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What product, service or solution could you provide online?
  • What is your expertise and your area of influence?
  • What do you have boundless energy for?
  • Could you team up with others to make something really special?
  • Is there a local business with a great vision and aligned values that would benefit from hiring a person like you?
  • Do you have the resources and vision that would benefit from hiring a motivated Christian worker?

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