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What Should Retirement Look Like for a Christian?

Preparation for retirement requires more than just financial planning. For most people, and especially for Christians, it comes with a host of other considerations—when to retire, where to live, and how to spend one’s time. Many find themselves asking, Is there a right way to retire?

Drawing from his work with geriatric patients and his own retirement experience, Dr. John Dunlop shares practical strategies for Christians as they approach their retirement years. With Scripture as his guide, he promotes balance between rest and activity—encouraging intimacy with God, service to churches and communities, time with friends and family, and care for one’s health. Among the uncertainties of major life change, readers will be equipped to make decisions for their future as they seek to glorify God in their retirement.

  • Practical: Provides 10 specific strategies for readers who are facing difficult decisions about their approaching retirement, including guiding questions at the end of each chapter
  • Grounded in Experience: Written by a retired doctor who practiced geriatric medicine
  • Balanced: Promotes rest and care for one’s health while also encouraging ongoing work and service for the kingdom of God
  • Biblical: Draws from Scripture passages on the topics of work, rest, and aging
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